Business is booming: 12 new berths in the Lake Geneva region | Local News

Restaurants, markets, specialized shops, even a place dedicated to the history of a popular game have opened their doors in the Lake Geneva region since the start of 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped the influx of new businesses to the area as many new stores, services and restaurants have arrived in the area.

Lake City SocialOpen: May 5, 2021

Location: 111 Center St., Lake Geneva.

A restaurant linked to the cove of Lake Geneva, offering hungry diners everything from burgers and steaks to soup and salad, with various variations on the traditional.

The former Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub was purchased by Sue Getgen and Stephen Schroeder in May 2020. They also purchased the former Sprecher’s in Wisconsin Dells, which is now a second Lake City social site.

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Legends and the thirsty parrotOpen: Legends began on Memorial Day weekend 2021. Thirsty Parrot first spread his wings to the public on Independence Day weekend 2021.

Location: Legends is at W3731 Club House Drive, Thirsty Parrot at W3725 Club House Drive. Both are in the City of Geneva.

Legends is a bar and restaurant. Bringing Margaritaville to Como is Thirsty Parrot, a Tiki bar.

Both places have the same owners. Once Propie Vassos, Lexus Schrerrer and Jim and Denise Scherrer landed on W3731 Club House Drive, the bar next door closed. “We kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘Well, what’s better than one place is two places,'” Denise Scherrer said in a Regional News article on July 20, 2021.

Lake Life MarketOpen: June 1, 2021

Location: 607 W. Main St., Lake Geneva.

A place to find “to-go” foods, such as cheese, crackers, candies, salads, ice cream and frozen pizzas that can be baked on the spot. Customers can even order a packed lunch.

Owner Beth Tumas also owns two nearby businesses: The Bottle Shop and Grapevine Theatre.

The Hair SocietyOpen: June 11, 2021

Location: 107B N. Park Avenue, Walworth.

A salon that offers hair and nail care, massage services, and other beauty care services.

Owner Desiree Hirtz has been in the beauty care industry for over 20 years. This is the first salon it operates.

The Dungeon Hobby Shop MuseumOpen: July 21, 2021

Location: 723 Williams St., Lake Geneva.

A collection of artifacts and memorabilia related to the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, which was created in Lake Geneva. Many books, games, figurines, magazines, game dice and many other items are on display.

Game publisher TSR opened its first retail location on the very spot where the museum now stands. The museum also organizes game nights.

Zaab Corner BistroOpen: August 26, 2021

Location: 501 Broad St., Lake Geneva.

A Hibachi fusion restaurant. Two of its four owners also run the Thai and sushi restaurant Sabai Sabai on Lake Geneva. At Zaab, customers can find everything from Chilean sea bass to New York Strip steak.

The location has long been a local restaurant type. Before Zaab, there was Medusa’s Grill, which operated for about 15 years and closed in June 2021. Before that, it was Hanny’s, a restaurant that opened in 1938.

Chinuk Sushi & Grill/Taco El PedroOpen: February 3.

Location: 2919 Main Street, East Troy.

Finally a place to eat sushi and tacos! Salmon, pork, shrimp and other dishes are also on the menu, along with various Mexican and Asian dishes.

Chef Chinuk Kim, aka “Jino”, has opened restaurants in Chicago, New York and Crystal Lake, Illinois. He has also worked with world-renowned Japanese chefs Masaharu Morimoto and chef Nobu Matsuhisa, hospitality partner of actor Robert De Niro.

Dunkin’ Open: December 6, 2021

Location: BP service station, 300 Peller Road, Lake Geneva.

The arrival of the multi-million dollar American coffee and donut company in Lake Geneva. Located just off Highway 50, Dunkin’ occupies two levels in the new gas station – the second floor is a dining area with an outdoor balcony.

Dunkin’s owner, Scott Rhyan, is from Elkhorn. Plus, it’s not the only franchise to move into the newly rebuilt gas station. A Subway restaurant should open there.

The den and enclosure of the magpieOpen: December 20, 2021

Location: 642 W. Main St., Lake Geneva.

A restaurant with specialty sandwiches, burgers and other main courses, as well as sharing dishes and a selection of draft beers and drinks.

The location has long served food and libations. Previously it was Northsiders Lake Geneva. Before that, it was at Carvetti.

Poppy Cakes PastryOpen: It began pickup and delivery services after early 2022, with plans to open in February.

Location: 526 Wells St., Lake Geneva.

A place to indulge in cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, brownies, cakes, breakfast desserts, cookies and more. Everything is made from scratch, too.

Poppy Cakes started about five years ago in the home of Abby and Jacob Blada. Located in the former Chinese restaurant Happy Cafe, the property’s former mini-golf course could one day become an outdoor space and event space for Poppy Cakes.

Bay cooksOpen: February 14, 2022.

Location: 99 N. Walworth Ave., Williams Bay.

A Mexican-American restaurant offering options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from authentic Mexican cuisine to burgers, wings and fish fries.

Two of the owners, Juan and Antonia Basurto, worked at Scuttlebutts, a once popular Lake Geneva restaurant. There, they developed a specialty for breakfast: Swedish pancakes.

General dollarOpen: The Bloomfield and City of Geneva stores began welcoming customers in April 2021. The Elkhorn store opened on July 29, 2021.

Pitches: N1411 Clover Road, Bloomfield; N3459 Springfield Road, City of Geneva; and W5163 County Road A, Elkhorn.

A place that sells everything from food, cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medications, decorations, DVDs, clothing, and many other items.

Dollar General also has stores in Genoa City, Twin Lakes and Hebron, Illinois. The Bloomfield store is on the site of the former Pell Lake Motel.

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