Bloomington-based Trap Mike’s closes indefinitely due to labor shortage

Trap Mike’s Late Night Market, a delivery-only restaurant, closed indefinitely Monday night, according to the restaurant’s announcement on its Instagram account.

The shutdown was mainly due to labor shortages in Bloomington, said Trap Mike co-founder and CEO Max Himelstein.

Himelstein, an IU junior specializing in economic advice and public policy analysis, said he and the other staff members had devoted time and resources over the past two months to posting and publishing reports. Jobs.

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Himelstein said he tried to use websites like Indeed to fill vacancies, but it was unsuccessful due to new hires or unreliable new applicants.

“People would not answer our calls, or say they would come for work or an interview and not show up,” Himelstein said.

Retaining workers while trying to find new candidates to fill others was difficult, Himelstein said.

Staff issues forced him to return to the kitchen and place orders to help him complete the tasks necessary to keep Trap Mike running, Himelstein said.

Himelstein said the combination of being a full-time student and running his own business during a staff shortage was very difficult. He said that was the main reason they closed despite the company’s success here on campus.

On average over the weekend, Trap Mike’s has always made 150 orders on Fridays and Saturdays since it opened, Himelstein said.

Himelstein said he was touched to see the support of those who have reached out since the closure was announced.

Trap Mike’s has offered to move all of its operations to the Kilroy’s Sports kitchen by the start of this month, Himelstein said.

Himelstein has said he would like to keep the option of bringing Trap Mike’s back, but that will depend on his ability to grow his roster and partner with a bar like Kilroy’s Sports.

“Restarting the restaurant with a place like Kilroy’s Sports would give us the potential to come back even stronger,” Himelstein said.

The shutdown of Trap Mike is devastating for students here at IU, said junior Ethan Parness.

Parness said ordering out has become part of his routine over the past year when he’s eating late at night. He said he thought it was one of the only options for eating here on campus after midnight.

“It was really easy to order, and the schedules made it very accessible to order,” Parness said.

Trap Mike’s broke into the local late-night dining business, helping it become more a part of the culture here on campus, Parness said.

“Trap Mike has definitely entered UI culture over the past nine months,” Parness said.

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