Asian Mint Restaurant Expands to Addison Area in Fall 2022

Chef-owner Nikky Phinyawatana of Asian Mint restaurants listens to her customers and her employees.

She is currently working on opening her fifth restaurant, this one in Addison (in the former Cafe Gecko space), and estimates it will open this fall. It opened its first restaurant on Forest Lane in 2004 and has grown methodically since then, adding locations on Oak Lawn, Inwood Village and Richardson since then. And she always gets feedback from the people she likes the most.

“We always have people asking if you want to expand here or there,” says Phinyawatana, and some clients have asked for Frisco, McKinney, Houston, LA, and even London. “My philosophy is never say never. You never know, right? I listen to my clients all the time. The more I hear it, the better the idea I have of it.

But she committed to Addison because it’s far enough away from other places, she says, and it’s a thriving dining area. It’s right next to Gyu Kaku and near Shake Shack, Flower Child and La La Land Kind Cafe.

“But it’s really for my team,” adds Phinyawatana. “Every time I open the restaurant, it’s for my team. They need growth; they want to work on something new. They are the ones who pushed us.

Thai sauces and crispy chili are from Nikky Feeding Souls, Nikky Phinyawatana from Asian...
Thai sauces and crispy chili are from Nikky Feeding Souls, Nikky Phinyawatana from Asian Mint restaurants.(Nikky feeds souls)

The Addison Asian Mint will offer the same menu of Thai favorites like pad Thai, noodle soups, Tom Yum soup, stir fries, zero carb shirataki noodles and more. It will also have the same look and feel, but this place will “take it to the next level,” says Phinyawatana. “It could have more of a hangout feel, with a nice patio.”

The patio was a big plus for this place, as there was no room for a patio in many other Asian Mint places. They are redesigning the facade of Addison’s Restaurant to accommodate an expanded patio and adding retractable sliding doors, as well as a separate take-out window and entrance. “Takeout is the main way people enjoy our food, and that way you don’t even have to walk into the restaurant,” Phinyawatana says, adding that the separate takeout space doesn’t ” nor will it diminish the ambiance” of the dining room. room experience.

“We are now intentional with the new ways people are consuming the restaurant experience,” she says. “We adapt to that and make sure it’s convenient, easy, hassle-free and delicious.”

Asian Mint is scheduled to open in fall 2022 at 5290 Belt Line Road, #118. Locations on Oak Lawn, Forest Lane and in Inwood Village and Richardson will remain open.

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Follow Chef Nikky

You can also find Nikky and fun Thai cooking inspiration on her YouTube channel, Chef Nikky. She has led “Thai Takeovers” at the homes of local celebrities like Tiffany Moon and more.

The Addison location will have a similar design inside Richardson.
The Addison location will have a similar design inside Richardson.(Asian mint)
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