As the festival season begins, the trade in adulterated food accelerates in the markets of Ganjbasoda

Ganjbasoda (Madhya Pradesh): The practice of selling adulterated foodstuffs such as sweets, fruits and fatty foods containing large amounts of chemicals harmful to human health has accelerated in Ganjbasoda markets, with the festive season knocking on the doors. . Supposedly, the disastrous consequences of the bad practice are reflected in the form of the deterioration of the health conditions of the inhabitants of the district, who suffer from serious diseases such as skin diseases, heart diseases, cancer, asthma, etc

In view of the bleak situation, questions are being raised about the strictness of the district administration, which has turned its head away from the matter. The situation has worsened further, as the rare inspections in shops and sweet centers in the neighborhood also fail to push wrongdoers behind bars or punish them.

Greedy traders have not even spared the fruit trade, as the excessive use of ripening agents such as calcium carbide is in full swing to boost fruit sales in the market. These ripening agents pose a serious health threat to consumers in the form of heart, skin and other diseases.

On condition of anonymity, various traders revealed that Food and Drug Department officials are well aware of their diabolical schemes, but choose to keep a low profile in exchange for money.

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