Al Roker says this food ‘smells like feet’

Al Roker is not a fan of truffles and has shared his distaste for stinky mushrooms on more than one occasion, sharing “Today.” Whenever truffles are brought up in conversation, Roker responds quickly and tries to recruit others into his truffle-hating club. On his YouTube show, “Cold Cuts” in 2018, he announced, “I ruined the truffles for Lance Bass!” after making the classic comparison of odors with “smelly feet”. While Roker may have an affinity for greasy fast food, he has a good point when it comes to this luxury item.

Truffles are known for their pungent smell, but they can be found on five-star menus around the world. Roker may not understand how, but white truffles even made the BBC’s list of the most expensive foods in the world. The significant cost reflects the fact that they cannot be cultivated, only forage. The thinnest ribbon of truffle can elevate a simple pasta dish not just in bold flavor, but in dollar signs. Foodies are so ga-ga over earthy morsels, in fact, that some high-end restaurateurs such as Babbo’s Tanya Bastianich have an annual truffle budget of $75,000, says the NY Post.

On his Vice TV show “Most Expensivest,” rapper 2 Chainz indulged in brunch with a price tag that matches most New Yorkers’ rent, thanks to $3,000 truffle chef Anthony Ricco Incorporated. What Ricco describes as “good funk, a little dirt,” Al Roker defines it as feet, and he doesn’t seem ready to give truffles another shot any time soon.

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