“A Christmas present we weren’t expecting”



The son of an animal collector has donated more than 800 parakeets to the Detroit Animal Welfare Group, according to the rescue.

Initially, the man who handed over the birds told the Michigan shelter he would drop off 60 to 80 birds. Instead, he arrived with 497 parakeets on December 23 and returned with 339 other parakeets on Boxing Day.

“A Christmas present that we weren’t expecting,” the Detroit Animal Welfare Group wrote on Facebook of the deliveries.

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“We were in shock,” the group added, “but we couldn’t push them back”.

Many parakeets came to the rescue in narrow cages which left the birds struggling to move around.

“He had them all in seven cages,” said Kelly LeBonty, the group’s manager. Detroit Free Press on the original condition of the 800 birds. “A really tight fit. They were sort of on top of each other and choking.… They were very, very stressed. They barely moved. We had to take them out and put them in different cages.”

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The son told the animal shelter that his father kept the birds in a room in his house and spent more than $ 1,200 to feed them.

“His son said he just wanted to breed a few, and it got out of hand,” LeBonty explained in the Detroit Free Press article. “The thing is, birds breed easily. And then you just have more babies and more babies and more babies if you don’t control the situation.”

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The group said on Facebook that the birds were in “a very unhealthy situation and the irresponsibility of the owner is infuriating. However, it really takes a village to help these animals, and we are very grateful to everyone who worked together. to get them to care. “

According to another Facebook post from the Detroit Animal Welfare Group, all parakeets must be deemed healthy by a veterinarian before being offered for adoption. Once a bird has passed its health check, it will be offered for adoption by one of the four rescue organizations that currently house the birds.

After what the animals have already been through, the Detroit Animal Welfare Group is grateful that many are taking the time to help the birds. The rescue has received numerous cash donations and supplies from affected pet lovers that help keep the parakeets safe, fed and on the road to recovery.

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