8 best things we ate in Birmingham in July 2022

The perfect softness for a hot summer day. (Itson/Bham patience now)

Want to know the best restaurants in Birmingham? You have come to the right place. Here at Bham Now, we like to eat our way through The Magic City. Keep reading for eight of the best things our team ate in July.

1. Grilled Cheese Focaccia from Freddy’s Wine Bar

Freddy's Wine Bar Grilled Cheese
One of Birmingham’s finest restaurants… and wine bars. (Olivia Moses / Bham Now)

“After a glass of wine on the terrace, my friends and I started to get a little hungry. When we asked our (amazing) waitress, she recommended it, saying she eats it almost every shift. After taking one bite we were sold. The homemade focaccia bread and the lovely blends of cheese and garlic aioli were wonderful. I would come here just for the grilled cheese.

Olivia Moses, Instagram Manager

2. Tom yum soup + fried tofu from Taste of Thailand

“I love Taste of Thailand’s tom yum soup and fried tofu. It’s my favorite meal. The soup is loaded with fresh vegetables and has a medium-hot citrus soup base with lots of lemongrass. It reminds me a bit of hot and sour soup, but a lighter, veggie-heavy version. The fried tofu is cut into large cubes and served with a sweet and tangy peanut sauce. This is one of my favorite dishes whatever the season!”

Gabi Hembree-Lee, Business Development Manager

3. Pasta with chorizo ​​de Rojo

Rojo Chorizo ​​Pasta
If you ask any member of our team, Rojo is one of the best restaurants in Birmingham. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

“The meal is so filling that I thought I would eat half of it for lunch and save the rest for leftovers. That didn’t happen. I ate every tasty morsel. I especially liked the chorizo ​​mix​ ​with the pasta. Highly recommend this item for lunch or dinner!”

Pat Byington, Content Director

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4. Grilled Chicken Tacos + Shrimp Po-Boy from Iron City Grill

Iron City Tacos - best restaurants in Birmingham
You know this is one of the best restaurants in Birmingham when of them people say it’s their favorite. (Sharron Swain / Bham Now)

“When our team went out for lunch at Iron City Grill, I ordered the tacos with grilled chicken. The whole dish was a colorful and perfectly balanced festival of flavors with lots of textures to keep it interesting. loved it, coleslaw with cotija cilantro vinaigrette.10/10 recommend.

Sharron Swain, Content Production Manager

Iron City Shrimp Po-boy - Birmingham's Best Restaurants
Look at this spread. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

“I did a photo shoot of some of their menu items for a content item a while back, so I went into this realm knowing what I was getting into. Iron City Grill is my go-to for trying new foods for sure. My favorite meal so far, highly recommend.

Jacob Blankenship, Channel Analyst + Photographer

5. Real Beet and Rosemary Salad

“Beets, goat cheese, strawberries, nuts. Pure yum!”

Cindy Martin, President and CEO

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6. Bendy’s Cookies & Cream Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

“I went to the grand opening of Bendy’s Cookies & Cream in Trussville. This was my first time trying what this local ice cream shop has to offer. For my first tasting, I opted for the Cookies & Cream. My minds? Delicious!”

Patience Itson, Content Producer

7. Tasty Town Grilled Eggplant Hummus

“I’ve heard of Tasty Town since they opened, and after trying it for the first time, I can confirm that it’s well worth it. A few of my co-workers have recommended the grilled eggplant hummus, and now that I’ve tried it, I know I’ll be craving it at least once a week for the rest of my life. It’s the silkiest hummus I’ve ever had, and the pita was perfectly spongy and chewy. I’m still hungry thinking about it!

Cecilia Wood, Social Media Manager + Content Producer

8. Burnette Farms Chilton County Peaches at Pepper Place Market

Chilton County Fisheries
I took my peaches down to… Pepper Place. (Jessica Broom/Bham Now)

“It’s peak peach season and a Chilton County peach really hits the spot on a hot summer day. From ice cream to cobbler peach to peaches to plain peaches, there’s also a million different ways to enjoy them!”

Jessica Broom, Account Manager

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