5 New Restaurants In Kolkata Perfect To Enjoy The Onset Of Winter

With Kolkata still not over the Durga Pujo craze, these new restaurants in Kolkata will provide the perfect reason to hang on to the festivities this time of year. Not that true blue Bengalis ever needed a reason to dine out.

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, Kolkata is more ready than ever to indulge in its favorite activity, eating. The city is adorned like an image straight out of a carnival, and what better time than this to try Calcutta’s new restaurants?

New restaurants in Kolkata in 2021

Celestial bar LMNO_Q

The newest addition to the list of sky bars in Kolkata, LMNO_Q is a rooftop bar on the 12th floor of Magma House. Sitting high, spread over 8,000 square feet, this place has both indoor and outdoor seating, in sync with the beautiful Kolkata weather. Offering a magnificent view over the city skyline, this restaurant offers multi-cuisine specialties and a range of cocktails to choose from. Rose and Berry Bramble, Hello Tokyo, Smoked Apricot Old Fashioned, Spiked Ananas are some of the must-have cocktails here, to be enjoyed with the elegantly prepared place.

Lounge 82 cafe

new restaurants in Kolkata

This coffee lounge located in Sector 5 in Kolkata aims to forever change the lounge experience. Offering an open concept, private verandas and a Drive-In counter to order your food in advance, this cafe ticks all the right boxes. On the menu, American, Mexican and Italian cuisines, essential for any coffee lover. This cafe boasts a lavish interior, crisp views, and amazing locations as a backdrop for all your social media clicks. Need more reasons to visit this place?

Garden of dreams

new restaurants in kolkata

Located on Syed Amir Ali Avenue, next to Quest Mall, this beautifully landscaped spot is just what every nature lover needs. If you need the perfect aesthetic for your Insta stream, this is the place. If you are looking for great food this is the place. If you are looking for a romantic and comfortable date during Calcutta winters, this is the place. If you just want to relax with friends and have a good time away from the noise of the city, this is it again. Head to Garden of Dreams for all your dream photos.

MIAM café and bistro

new restaurants in Kolkata

Another new restaurant in Kolkata, located at Sector 5, Salt Lake, MIAM has Asian and Indian cuisine on its menu. With a pinch of Rs 800 for two, this place is perfect for a quick date or to meet up with friends, without compromising the ambiance. It brings together the two worlds of plush, modern and rugged, and looks like anything but your regular cafe. Visit today for delicious food and gram-worthy photos.

Asia! Asia! Asia!

new restaurants in Kolkata

For all pan-Asian food lovers, this new neighborhood spot is a must-see. For authentic Southeast Asian street food, this place is the perfect getaway. With an extensive menu to choose from, their Neon Dim Sum, Robata Claypot Rice, Tori Tsukune Teriyaki are the best choices you can’t miss! Whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you won’t run out of options.

All Images: Courtesy of Instagram; Representative Image: Courtesy of Shutterstock

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