Loan for unforeseeable recovery

In case of prolonged illness, employees receive a sickness benefit from the health insurance fund instead of their salary, which is generally lower than the salary. In addition, sickness benefits are only paid for a maximum of 78 weeks. For this reason, banks often only grant the loan if the illness is temporary and resumption […]

Loan despite minor employment

A financial bottleneck has emerged quickly. Whether you make a lot of money or you do not have much money at your disposal: If the expenses are higher than the income, additional money has to be ordered. And this usually works only through a loan. As long as you have good conditions for borrowing, this […]

Loan despite mortgage

Basically it can be said: A mortgage is a form of credit. The mortgage gives a lender greater security because the debt is related to an object. Not only the borrower is liable for the borrowed money, the lender also has the corresponding property (such as a home or land) as collateral. Even if this […]

Loan for residual debt relief

The credit after the debt relief is not as straightforward to get, as it can be assumed. This depends on the one hand with the system of debt relief and on the other with the entry. The name Restschuldbefreiung is not happy. The debts are still there. The creditors are deprived of every opportunity to […]

Payday loan simulation

Do you want to make a dream come true? The payday loan is a loan that allows you to borrow money to finance a project without you having to justify yourself (rearrange your home, go on a honeymoon, finance your children’s studies, face expenses unexpected …. Consumer credit is for you. With an installment loan, […]

Loan without certificate of performance

Loans for students are still enjoying growing popularity. But other promotional loans, such as loans, which are used by the state-owned KfW Bank, have always been in great demand. In contrast to other, “classic” loans, the first-named credit options are characterized by their extremely low interest rates and flexible terms. A real plus in any […]

Low Interest Loan

A loan with low interest rates ensures a low interest burden. Nevertheless, the APR alone does not automatically provide for a particularly favorable loan. What to look for in the credit search for the cheap credit yet, describes the contribution. Credit with little interest – conditions The loan with little interest is bound to very […]